Why Use Our Proactive Site or Property Finding Service?

There are many reasons for taking this service.  It will increase your pipeline of qualified leads without extra effort on your part.  Therefore you can spend more time evaluating opportunities instead of finding them.  So productivity will go up because you will be able to offer and close on more deals.

However, perhaps the most compelling reason is...

...if you are paying agents' commissions anyway, you might as well be getting a loyal and proactive service for your money...

In other words, we actively look for you, and provide sites that are not just on our own books, but with most, if not every other possible source available.

Unlike most agents, our service works proactively, scouring many sources of on and off market land / sites / property and delivering deals tailored to your exact specification.

By committing to us we commit to you and you become a favoured client who we find and take the best deals to – GUARANTEED.

AND all this may be at no extra cost than using a normal agent, because the monthly fee is deductible from the commission.  See the service descriptions for futher details.

For the site finding service description click here

For the commercial property finding service description click here