We source proactively through a private network of contacts or by contacting owners directly and also undertaking research.

We are offering a small number of clients priority access to our best sites as they come in, through our new retained service. 

In this way we aim to help you capitalise on the coming market by providing timely information on the excellent opportunities we expect to emerge through our sources.

We tailor the proactive search to meet your specific requirements, so you can concentrate on doing more business and less of the leg work.

This will also help you to negotiate the best deals as we will bring you  exclusive and motivated deals when available.

Retained Land Agent - Proactive Service

  • Guaranteed number of sites per month (or next month free~)
  • Dedicated Land Finder searching proactively for your specific land requirements
  • Review only pre-qualified opportunitiessaving time
  • Increase your buying capability, through increased opportunities
  • Access to exclusive sites and motivated sellers when available
  • Your ‘eyes and ears’ on and off the market
  • No employment costs, e.g. NI, employer's tax, insurance, overheads 
  • No minimum contract applies
  • Monthly fee deductible from commission^

~Applicable after the set up period - i.e. after month 3 or as agreed.

^Applies when agreed commission is at 3% minimum and when the full advertised monthly price is paid.

^Applies for the month of the service during which the first offer on a site is submitted that then goes to completion.  The full amount paid for that specific month is deductible against the agreed commission.  This deduction applies when the commission has been paid within 30 days of exchange/completion.


Price: £5995/month + agreed commission* + VAT

^Monthly fee may be negotiable if not deductible from commission.

*Commission payable 50% on exchange, 50% on completion

Interested?  Contact us on 0845 388 0415 for an informal discussion.