Private Owners - Development Sites or Commercial Property

If you’re a private land owner, whether by accident or design, you may have little or NO experience in selling land and property.  So considering how to sell land may be a daunting prospect.  We offer help selling your land.  

We specialise in development land of around 0.75 acres++.  We also deal with large sites that may gain planning in the future.


Our clients with private land for sale come from various backgrounds and for different reasons.  Many private owners who want to sell simply DON’T have the time, knowledge or inclination to get involved with the sale and prefer to leave it to the experts. 

Farmers with land inside or just outside the borders of the local town plan sometimes fall into this category.

Other owners with land for sale have inherited land or property and because it’s unwanted or there is a maintenance burden just want a straightforward sale.

Individuals who are retiring and selling land and property that they have acquired may have other issues.  First there may be a massive tax burden if the land has accumulated significantly.  If you’re flexible, it can be possible to get a favourable price and benefit from a passive income for several years on what would have been paid to the taxman.

Some owners simply need to liquidate assets and consider that the benefits of selling exclusively outweigh the other options. 

Finally, but not exhaustively, some sellers may be experiencing a difficult time in their life due to financial difficulties, divorce, repossession and so on, so just being able to trust in a fast, discrete sale can be a real relief.

Private Owners  – Private Affairs – Private Land Sale

Many owners sell privately because for personal reasons, they do not wish the local neighbourhood, or others to know that the land is for sale. This type of land sale is termed ‘off market’ and is generally exclusive, in other words offered to one key individual at a time.  In fact around 50% of all land is sold ‘off-market’.

The exclusive approach is the only way to have your private affairs kept private. 

Maximise the sale + Eliminate time wasters

Of course, keeping things private becomes more interesting when we realise that it may actually help to maximise the sale and streamline the whole process.  One problem with advertising on the open market is that anyone can take an interest, whether they have the funds or not.  This can lead to a lot of time wasting, which you can do without. 

Another misconception is that by selling land exclusively won’t encourage competition, which drives up offers.  In one sense this is true, in another quite misleading.  In reality the prospect of spending time and money on analysing an on market opportunity, only to be outbid by a small amount at the last minute deters serious players from even entering the race.

Serious buyers will tend to put in a good and fair offer, because they know it can still be refused and other party introduced.  For good sites, they will be looking to create a win-win situation so to clinch the deal rather than chancing it with low offer. 

An exclusive land sale with the right buyer will help maximise the sale by bringing you in touch with serious contenders and eliminate time wasters, so you save time and money and can achieve a faster sale with higher rewards.

Use the Expert – Reduce Uncertainty and Risk - The comfort factor

Most people agree that a good accountant will save them more money than they pay them.  It’s the same with property.

As we facilitate the process we’ll help you to feel comfortable with every step of the way.  Some of our clients initially have concerns because they don’t understand the process or how to negotiate.  They fear they may have the wrong asking price too high and it won’t sell, too low and you won’t get the best offer, or are afraid of being taken advantage of by savvy investors.  We can help guide you through the process to manage these risks.

Of course none of this can be achieved, without a) having a strong network of potential serious buyers and b) knowing how to deal with them.  This is where we can add value by facilitating and advising throughout to get the best win-win.  Serious buyers expect professionalism and by working in this way you can benefit from exclusive opportunities not available to you otherwise. 

Flexible Deals with Financial Benefits

In the realms of selling land and property for development purposes the buyers tend to be quite flexible.  This means you may be able to negotiate a staged payment, which can help reduce your tax burden, which can be really beneficial if you have accumulated significant capital.  Maybe this applies to you because you’re retiring?  It is sometimes possible provide a passive income for some years after you sell.  Either way, the deal will be structured to benefit both parties.

Your may be in a season where you have financial difficulties and through no fault of your own need to pay off debt, or you just want to liquidate assets to release equity.  In most cases, a deal can be structured in such a way that your needs are met.