An estimated 50% of property is sold off market, because as property industry professionals know, most serious buyers prefer to operate off market

An exclusive sale with the right buyer will help maximise the sale by bringing you in touch with serious contenders, eliminating time wasters form the process, so you save time and money and can achieve a faster sale with higher rewards.

Of course this can’t be achieved, without a) having a strong network of potential serious buyers and b) knowing how to deal with them

This is where we can add value by facilitating and advising throughout to get the best win-win.  Serious buyers expect professionalism and by working in this way you can benefit from exclusive opportunities not available to you otherwise. 


It’s simple - advertising, or using multiple agents, deters the best half of your market.  Leaving aside the time wasters, those it attracts can have less experience and poor finances and as a result more deals fall through, often at the final hurdle leaving you feeling exasperated. 

This can cause you problems and as deals fall through your hands you lose money and waste time and your profit margin erodes.

Eventually the site ‘gets around a bit’ and no one serious will consider it, so you turn to estates gazette!

I don’t know how many investors and developers have said, if it’s in Estates Gazette or been thrashed around the market – NOT INTERESTED – you’ve probably said it yourself.

All this time you could have been working on another deal, so it’s a double killer.


Increase Profits and Reduce Time Wastage

TIME IS MONEY and hence is your most valuable asset.  And on-market deals can attract time wasters that cost you time and money. 

To attract the best and timeliest offers you need to work with the big money and the big money prefers discrete and off-market. 

Through our network of clients and professionals, we can help you connect with the serious buyers, with proven funds, who move fast and pay well for good sites.  Whether it be Russian money, Arabic money, or local developers and investors, we can help you to secure good offers for the best sites.

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