(There is currently a waiting list for his service.)

This service has been designed for developers and investors who want to benefit from having a Land Finder proactively looking for off market sites on their behalf.

Proactive Off Market Site Finding Service

· Guaranteed introduction per month(or next month free*)

· Search proactively for specific land requirements

· Review only pre-qualified opportunities - saving time

· Increase your buying capability, through increased opportunities

· Access to exclusive sites and motivated sellers when available

· Your ‘eyes, ears, hands and feet’off-market

· No employment costs, e.g. NI, employer's tax, insurance

· No minimum contract

· Monthly fee is deductible from commission^

*Not applicable for the first month as agreed.

^For each month of the service during which the first offer on a site is submitted that then goes to completion, the full amount paid for that specific month's retainer (and only this amount) is deductible against the agreed commission. However, this deduction only applies when the commission has been paid within 30 days of completion.

See below for pricing.

How do we do it?

Once we’ve obtained the specific search criteria from you, we will undertake a significant amount of research, including consulting the local plan and the planning office and familiarising ourselves with the area.

We will then make a tailored planto deliver against your requirements. Then the land finder will systematically approach ownerson your behalf. Once the land finder has established interest to sell at a good pricewe will arrange for you an introductionfor further discussion.

The benefit - you can source suitable sites without the management and cost burden of employing a land finder directly, leaving you free to concentrate on doing more business and less of the leg work.


It’s obvious, but how much of your time is taken up with running around sourcing land, when you should be negotiating and closing deals more regularly.

Low Cost or FREE

This is possibly the lowest costway of buying a land finder’s time, and guaranteeingthat you get access to the best sites he uncovers. In fact it won’t cost you a penny, because each month you buy a site, the monthly fee will be deducted from the commission. So you can get all the benefits of an employed land finder for FREE.

These sites will almost always be exclusive and sometimes we'll find motivated sellers. This will also help you to negotiate the best deals.

Proactive Site & Land Finding Service

The Off Market Site Finding Service is available as a standalone service. Some of the techniques may also feature in the Proactive Site & Land Finding Service. This is a more wide ranging search - click here for a description


£7995/month per location + agreed commission + VAT